The 6-Week Program For Startup Success

Pcc venture Launch

2024 Program - TBD

Is Your Idea a Business?

Venture Launch is the difference between idea and action.


Have a team? Need a team? Apply now and see if you have what it takes!

In a moment of epic inspiration, you came up with that one, killer idea guaranteed to change the world and make you rich. So now what? PCC Venture Launch is here to help. We are a unique 6-week program that teaches you how to achieve startup success. We practice inside and outside of the classroom with mentors and potential customers, so you get valuable feedback on every aspect of your business.

We are ramping up for a new session and space is limited. If you’re ready to take your vision to venture, let’s get started.

*PLEASE NOTE: During Covid-19, all PCC Venture Launch meetings will be held via Zoom. Details will be sent with syllabus.

About The Program

Designed For Startups

Venture Launch is a 6-week program of customer discovery for early stage startups. Teams will build a Business Model Canvas, and interview customers to validate their assumptions about the business.

Adventure In Entrepreneurship

Each week will be a new adventure outside the classroom as you test each part of your business model and then share the hard earned knowledge with the rest of the class.


Designed for students and non-students alike, this team based program is designed to give you a real-world experience in building a startup with the help of experienced professionals and consultants.

core teaching team

With decades of experience in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship, our core teaching team is passionate about helping startups achieve their full potential.

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