April 27, 2016


The PCC Venture Launch is a team-based course. Any student or non student wishing to take the course must apply as part of a group. Applicants are expected to exert significant effort in finding and forming a group before applying to the course, and in addition several information sessions will provide opportunities for meeting and connecting with other applicants.

The criteria to evaluate teams for acceptance will be based on dedication, enthusiasm, balanced team skill set, and desire to learn.

Team Composition Rules

Teams of 2 or more PCC Students or Non Students, with at least 1 member of the team should have some domain expertise.

How to Apply
  1. Find or Build a team:
  2. Come by one of our info sessions
  3. Find other team members here.
  4. Fill out all 3 Application Slides:
  5. On the first slide, make sure your LinkedIn hyperlinks are clickable
  6. Learn more about the business model canvas
  7. Guide to crafting your competition slide
  8. Examples of previous work here
  9. Start your application:

Apply Now


Non-students: $495.00 per team

Students: $295 per team ( Current Student Id Required)


The application deadline is Coming Soon.